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The Family Gourmet!

Recipes from the best unknown cooks in the world!

Family Gourmet
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recipes and food discussion

The Family Gourmet is all about cooking family friendly fresh food. Using good, fresh, home friendly ingredients to make great tasting food for your family. This group is meant to be a friendly and happy place to find, share, and comment on recipes and to discuss food and food related issues.

Our rules are few and simple. Please follow them to make this community the best it can be:
1. Be kind and courteous to other members. If you want to comment on a recipe or discussion, please do so in a respectful manner.
2. No foul language or flame wars. This group is public and open to everyone. It is not a place for personal dispute or extreme language of any type.
3. If posting a recipe, please provide a source or link to the original recipe used (even if you made changes). Proper credit should always be given where it is deserved. If the recipe is completely your own please tell us that too!
4. Try to confine all discussion to food and food related issues. This can include recipes, restaurants, kitchen gadgets, food related news and issues, nutrition, cooking techniques, or anything that is related to food and cooking in some way.

Anyone not following the rules will have any offending posts/comments removed and receive a warning via email about the violation. If the behavior continues after the warning and becomes a problem, the user will be banned (please don't make me do this!).

Now that all that icky rule stuff is out of the way, lets have fun and start cooking!