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March 2013

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ironsink3 in familygourmet

Learning To Cook

I would like to learn how to cook everything. I mean starting from the very basics. I really love food and would like to be able to express myself through food. So I really need to learn how to cook. Can anyone give me any hints, tips, a book to read, or maybe a website to go to? Thanks Ya'll!!!


Sorry I missed this before. I have started going back to school and it has been so hectic.

Learning to cook should start with simple techniques and work up from there. First start by learning how to prep (cutting and such). I know is sounds like a slow take but really the base to any good recipe starts there. You can learn some great techniques from site like http://www.americastestkitchen.com . They also have a show on PBS almost every weekend where they walk you through some very well tested recipes. Some complicated and some very easy. There is a whole lineup of cooking shows on the weekends on PBS that are all very good for learning new styles of cooking. You could also look at the sites for FoodNetwork and Cooking Channel but I have not really looked that closely to those sites, but I have tried some or their recipes and they are good for the most part.

Also, another great thing to remember is to cook the food you know you like. You will get much more joy out of cooking it if the finished product is something you know you enjoy ahead of time. And also remember that ALL cooks (even professional) make mistakes at some point....I even burnt some onions just last week because I got distracted....the best thing is to not get frustrated and just try again. Learning to cook takes time and nobody's perfect. Laugh off the small stuff (and order pizza when it goes horribly wrong) and see the humor in it.

I hope this has helped you at least a little bit.